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HIStory Book Series
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 The books featured are Biblical studies presented
in an original poetic format with beautiful Fine Art,
and have several choices concerning their formats. 
ALL this and more, because each book is in
Full Color
Softcover Book, eBook, and/or iBook formats are available for your selection. 
The electronic formated books have live reference links in the Reference Section. 
Each book shown below that is now available has a link to an overview book trailer.
Also included, is a link to purchase your selected book from a couple of sources.  
We pray that you enjoy and find true peace from the message found in these books!   
"THANK YOU" for visiting with us, and please tell others about HIStory Book Series. 


Christmas: "The Coming of the Prince of Peace"


Books Are NOW Available!

The book trailer and purchasing links are below! 


HIStory The Coming of the Prince of Peace

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HIStory A Call from the Wilderness

2. Book Trailer: "HIStory A Call From The Wilderness"

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Parables from the book of Matthew. 
Its just a "Click Away!" 
Coming Soon!
 4.  As the Lord directs.  
Pray for His leadership's direction!

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